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Halloween themed weddings

Halloweddings - Halloween Themed Weddings
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Halloween Themed Weddings
This is a community to discuss Halloween themed weddings. This community is open to all, whether you are just starting the planning process or already have everything finalized.

This community is maintained by greenberryblues and zigidoll. For any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to send a message their way.

NOTE: Advertisements are not automatically allowed on this community. If you wish to post an ad, please [1] get permission from a moderator (greenberryblues or zigidoll -- to gain permission you will need to show the moderators that your shop is relevant to the topic of Halloween Weddings), [2] to avoid potential misunderstandings: in your post, include the name of the moderator who granted you permission, [3] explain prior to any LJ-cut why your shop is relevant to halloweddings members; place links or multiple images to your shop BEHIND an LJ-cut.

Posts that do not meet the guidelines above will be deleted without further question and reported to LiveJournal as spam. Thank you.