mabone (mabone) wrote in halloweddings,

How are things going?

How are things going for every one? I feel like I'm progressing very slowly right now. I am particularly worried about the reception venue. I found several likely candidates, but the reality is that we are so behind in paying back bills and things since I was unemployed this summer that we aren't able to save for the reception fees now and by the time we are it will be too late--the places will be booked, or we just wont have enough time left to save enough money up.

Other progress: asked all my brides maids, they were all thrilled and said yes.

Found a whole bunch of glasses for sale at a garage sale. Wes bought them and suggested we collect more over the year from my work (Goodwill) so that we can have glass instead of fancy plastic like I planned. This raises a few problems though. Where do I put 150+ glasses over the months? Having to buy 150+ glasses.... Who will gather and clean/store those after the reception?

Established that we will keep the guest costumes classy by specifying that the costumes will be of guests inner selves "attending a wedding." Mom might still show up in biker leathers--but I think they will be clean at least that way. She might even add a fancy hat.

Decided to infuse some game/geek themes. That IS something Ive been gathering at work. We get a lot of board games. we are going to leave them on the tables for guests as favors AND ice breakers.

Hmm...I guess I have gotten quite a bit done. Time to go to work on those Save the DAtes...

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