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Halloween themed weddings
How are things going? 
20th-Sep-2013 06:34 am
How are things going for every one? I feel like I'm progressing very slowly right now. I am particularly worried about the reception venue. I found several likely candidates, but the reality is that we are so behind in paying back bills and things since I was unemployed this summer that we aren't able to save for the reception fees now and by the time we are it will be too late--the places will be booked, or we just wont have enough time left to save enough money up.

Other progress: asked all my brides maids, they were all thrilled and said yes.

Found a whole bunch of glasses for sale at a garage sale. Wes bought them and suggested we collect more over the year from my work (Goodwill) so that we can have glass instead of fancy plastic like I planned. This raises a few problems though. Where do I put 150+ glasses over the months? Having to buy 150+ glasses.... Who will gather and clean/store those after the reception?

Established that we will keep the guest costumes classy by specifying that the costumes will be of guests inner selves "attending a wedding." Mom might still show up in biker leathers--but I think they will be clean at least that way. She might even add a fancy hat.

Decided to infuse some game/geek themes. That IS something Ive been gathering at work. We get a lot of board games. we are going to leave them on the tables for guests as favors AND ice breakers.

Hmm...I guess I have gotten quite a bit done. Time to go to work on those Save the DAtes...
20th-Sep-2013 04:26 pm (UTC)
With the glasses, you could save the ones you like and sell the rest after the reception.

Or, fill them with Halloween goodies and have them be part of the wedding favor. Any that are left can still be sold or donated to Goodwill or something.
23rd-Sep-2013 02:03 pm (UTC)
Doh! Tell guests to pick out their favorite glass and then take it home with them. THAT should reduce the pile of dirty glasses at the end.
12th-Oct-2016 03:09 am (UTC)
Found a whole bunch of glasses for sale at a garage sale Wes bought them and suggested we collect mo
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